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17 August 2012

A Leap of Faith : Red Bull Stratos Update

Good morning readers.

A few months back we introduced you to an incredible man, Felix Baumgarner.

His name may be hard to remember but what he has achieved isn't. Felix is one of only 2 men to break the sound barrier while free-falling from space to land safely down on earth. 

In the 1960's this was achieved once by Joe Kittinger and since then this has never been achieved again... until now. Just this week Felix Baumgarner has taken a leap of faith and completed a free fall from 100,000 ft above the earth. After falling to earth a speed of 741mph  Felix landed safely 20 minutes later. 

This is the second of three jumps for the extreme sports athlete. The next jump is aimed to break the 1960's record set by Joe Kittinger, with Felix free-falling from 120,000ft. To give you an idea of how far that is; it is 4 times the height of Mount Everest!

Follow "A day in the life of Felix," below.

Felix prepares his body and mind for the trip ahead

Last minute checks before entering the pod 

 The pod is lifted as gas fills the huge balloon

 Misson control keeps a close eye on Felix as 
his body is pushed to the limit

The moment of truth. At 100,000ft 
Felix takes a leap of faith

The last view of Felix before the big jump

Touch down. Felix gets a hero's welcome.

Sadly the pod doesn't have the safest of landings..

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