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29 August 2012

Sight - Short Film On The Dangers Of Augmented Reality

With the advent of new augmented reality projects such as Google Glass, filmmakers Eran May-Raz and Daniel Lazo have produced a short film speculating on the possible uses of this technology and the potential dangers it may hold for our future.

The film focuses on the character of Patrick who appears to live a fairly spartan existence in non de script apartment. We quickly learn however that Patrick is almost completely immersed in an augmented reality/ virtual existence. The blank walls in his apartment are filled with apps, trophies & artwork that are visible through his digitised contact lenses.

Whilst some of the applications of this technology had me geeking out (for example the awesome fruit ninja cooking sequence), it can be seen that the constant distractions begin to impede on human to human social interaction. This is particularly evident where Patrick uses a constant flow of on the fly data to manipulate his date but suffers from awkward pauses within the flow of conversation.

If you can ignore some of the clunky acting the film has an important message to portray and I believe it strikes the right balance between technological speculation of the (not too distant) future, and the dangers that unimpeded technological advancement may hold for the human race.

You can catch the video on YouTube here or watch the embedded video below:

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