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6 August 2012

Proud to be British, Proud of London 2012.

What a wonderful weekend of sport and what a time to be British.

Obviously we in the UK are slightly biased regarding recent events in the last few days at the Olympics, however in this instance I feel we have every right to blow our own trumpets. Being proportionally the most over performing team in the top 10 countries at the Games, second only to the US (population 311m) and China, (population 1.35bn) we can be proud of what is a truly inspiring performance by Team GB.

From fantastic medal winning performances on the track to the Velodrome, tennis at Wimbledon gymnastics, judo, sailing in Weymouth and the rowing at Eton Dorney and many more, Britain can be proud of its new (and older!) heroes. The magic culiminating in a Saturday night that could not have been penned with a more poetic storyline by even Mr Shakespeare himself.

Jessica Ennis' comeback on the home straight epitomises the dogged determination that has been displayed by Team GB throughout the tournament. Yes we have had a few disasters - losing to Korea in the Quarter Finals of the football on penalties for one. (Oh Stuart Pearce, you really aren't cut out for management and you must be wondering if Becks' presence might have brought the fairy tale ending we all so wanted!). However in the main we can be delighted with our take on the greatest show on earth. The venues look stunning, the athletes are performing and the atmosphere seems to have been relentlessly electric which is a real credit to the British public.  Particularly with LOCOG's fiasco of ticket sales.

So one week to go and 4 more gold medals needed to eclipse our Beijing 2008 endeavours. 

With more track, athletics and gymnastics to come, it looks like our best ever performance will be on home soil in one of the most exciting games in the history of the Olympics.

Even Danny Boyle pulled off the opening ceremony. Just. We always knew there were going be some weird nonsense moments (like the computer game style scenes in his film of the book; the Beach) I am not sure 30 mins of watching the NHS dancing was that inspiring - more a two fingers to the developing world about our free health service! Equally I question the accessibility of some of the narrative choices to nations less familiar with ourselves (like Brunel reading Shakespeare). However the overall impression was a huge success and we showed that we are a creative nation and sometimes its not so much about money, it's about ideas.   Though Paul McCartney - it is time to retire. It really really is and Anish Kapoor should perhaps ask - does Russian Construvist scuplture really represent the UK. The Orbit really is not cool.  compared to the torch and the olympic flame, which were real successes, it is a white elephant. 

Spot the similarities..

 VladimirTatlin - Monument to the Third International - 1919/20

Anish Kapoor - The Orbit - London, 2012

The real story of the games is the wonderful Team GB. They are darlings of the nation and I sense we may have a few more knighthoods very soon.  Outstanding effort by Jess, Mo, Andy, Sir Chris and co.

Go Team GB Go!!! -  from everyone at SoVibrant.

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