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31 March 2010

Divine Interventions

I've seen many a church conversion and restoration project featured on Grand Designs, but this one below is pretty special.
The Designers have given a Catholic church in Utrecht a new life as an exclusive private residence.
They have highlighted the original details - the stained glass windows, the organ, the archways and cross - by painting everything else white, which I both like and dislike at the same time.
From my previous blogs for Sovibrant, my colleagues clearly know my love of white interiors.
Here is another beautiful example, however this time they may have overdone it, with the new white floor.
Stone or timber would have been a better option, with original timber boards or a new limestone tiled ground floor.
This aside I'd love to live in this church building - the open plan, high ceilings and the mixture of old and new works beautifully.

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