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25 March 2010

Seed Cathedral - Winning UK pavilion design for Shanghai 2010

The UK Pavilion designed by competiton winner Thomas Heatherwick is to be composed of 60 000 thin, transparent, flexible rods, each at 7.5m in length. With such a supple structure, the rods will bend and sway in the slightest of breezes, creating the effect of hundreds of cilia. Inside each tube will be seeds, representing the UK’s incorporation of nature into everyday life. Due to the transparent nature of the extended rods, daylight will flood into the central room of the ‘Seed Cathedral’, whilst at night the exterior is designed to glow as the light filaments inside each tube begin to shine.

The inspiration for the UK pavilion came from Heatherwick's idea to focus on the capital cities within the UK along with the connection between them and the natural world.  The design has been taken further to have a 2d and 3d film constructed to explain the evolution of the 'Seed Cathedral' which will educate all Shanghai 2010 visitors.

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