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25 March 2010

White on Black

The images below are of a serviced office space called Face to Face by the office provider APBC Offices.
Situated in a congested area of Singapore, this project aims to provide a serviced office and meeting space that fulfils the emerging need for lifestyle-orientated workplaces.

The designers were interested in overturning some typical office conventions to create a new experience for its visitors, spanning Architecture, Interior Design and branding.

One approach was to de-familiarize the distinction of a reception counter by turning it into a…meeting table-cum-play table.

Here, a 10m long sculptural bar formed out of solid surface becomes a magnet for interaction and activity on a daily basis as well as during special functions.

The inclusion of human and animal silhouettes in the branding provide a quirky and playful sensibility in the reception and meeting rooms.

While routine activities such as collecting mail and conducting brief meetings have been considered to encourage maximal interaction with the Face to Face office.

Interior Design www.sovibrant.co.uk

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