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13 December 2012


Pinterest Pin Board
Pinterest Pin Board

Hi readers, after an extended and unforgivable blogging absence I have returned! (muted applause) I want to share with you my current favourite new thing...Pinterest. At first glance it may seem like a website for stay-at-home mums to showcase their baking and knitting patterns, but dig a little deeper and it's an awesome collaborative tool. It's a great (and very addictive) way to find inspiration, collect precedent images and create custom project boards to share with colleagues or clients. We have been using Pinterest for some of our recent projects with resounding success and will be looking to use it more frequently moving forward.

Pinterest have recently included the ability for businesses to launch their own accounts to use the site as a marketing platform to increase brand awareness so expect a SoVibrant page in the near future. In the meantime you can see my personal collections here and check out this video from College Humour on how the battle of the sexes is waging over the ownership of the site. Or you can also read this great post on the subject from Cracked.com



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