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30 July 2012

iPhone 5

Like many hundreds of thousands in the world, I am desperately awaiting the launch of the new iPhone5 (which will supposedly just be known as “iPhone”).  My iPhone 3GS was due for an upgrade months ago and I have been tempted by an iPhone 4S, but, I am holding out for the must have iPhone 5.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, whichever way you look at it) there isn’t anything definitive that shows us what this new model will look like or when it’ll be coming to our high street stores.  This morning I stumbled across an article (Mail online) which mentioned the release of the “Mini iPad” on 12th September, with the release of the iPhone following on 9 days later.... but still nothing set in stone.

The new iPhone is due for its first radical refresh since it launched in 2007, and it is expected to be bigger than ever - at least in terms of the screen-size.  There are many rumours that suggest what the potential changes to its looks and its enhanced features might be. These are some of the most talked about.

-       A new 4” screen (16:9)

-       A metallic plate that covers the back of the iPhone from antenna break to antenna break, leaving only the top and bottom clear, glass, and presumably radio-friendly.

-       The Home button, Sleep/Wake button, and volume controls all look the same, though the front mounted FaceTime camera has presumably  been centred.

Take a look at the images below and see what you think.  If the new model is anything like the above description and images, I’ll be glad I’ve waitied!

Images courtesy of Google Images, IMore, Mail Online
Iphone 5

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