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16 July 2012

Sleeping on the job!

Got that Monday Morning feeling?  I certainly have!
After an absolutely draining weekend, I have to say, I’ve arrived at SOV HQ this morning feeling like I need forty winks!

Society now seems to be supporting the “sleeping on the job” slogan, and I for one think a good 15mins sleep is needed once in a while.

PodTime are becoming a best seller of “sleeping pods” for companies nationally and internationally for the very reason that employees need a “power nap” when working in a stressful environment.  Already established in the far east, I think it’s about time the UK cottoned on to this fabulous idea!

These versatile sleeping pods allow employees to take a little break at work, either for a lie down with chillout music, or a light read.  For the small sum of £1375 + VAT (reducing when quantity increases) you can start your own “sleeping zone”. 

The pods have open ventilation at each end means every pod has good air circulation and a fresh and roomy feel inside. The doors are available in tinted, frosted or solid finish, and are lockable to keep your things safe whilst you relax.

Additional options such as a secure luggage compartment, TV and DVD, leather covered mattress, digital radio and alarm clock are also available and the pod can even be branded!

With recent proven results from scientists, employers are starting to take note that 15-20 minutes sleep can accelerate the recovery process your body goes through during sleep.  Some of the benefits of “sleeping on the job” are:

o  Reduced stress levels
o  Increased energy and stamina
o  Reduced risk of heart disease
o  Improved cognitive and reflex performance
o  Better mood and emotional state
o  Improved alertness
o  Renewed motivation
o  Greater capacity to learn
Fingers crossed that SOV will soon have some pods of their own! I am exhausted.


Images courtesy of Google images and Podtime - Podtime

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