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13 July 2012

Hungarian town stained red by toxic spill

On first glance, there is a beautiful artistry in the series of a new series of images entitled 'the line' captured by Spanish photographer Palíndromo Mészáros.   This is beauty out of tragedy.  A paradoxical beauty caused by human suffering. Palindromo's project chronicles the aftermath 
of a 2010 toxic waste spill in western hungary that killed nine people and forcing the evacuation of thousands, through a compendium of images demonstrating the material staining areas of the village red.

The portfolio of work sensitively refrains from capturing people and instead expresses the human impact of the disaster through documentation of the impact on  trees, homes and buildings 
stained with a scarlet hue reaching up to two meters high.

The effect is caused by alumina - waste from an aluminium plant that was released when the reservoir holding the material burst its banks. Another example of horrendous industrial processes leaving a long term impact on natural surroundings long after the factory that implemented them is gone.

It creates mixed emotions in me that's for sure. I love the compositional work and contrast within the photography but am sickened by the reasons it exists.

Thanks to DesignBoom for the pics...


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