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1 June 2012

Photography unleashed

A 31 year old Californian photographer Seth Casteel is becoming more and more well known for his underwater canine photography shoots. 

Casteel’s work achieves many outcomes, with some canine friends looking slightly dopey and comical, and others looking eerie and monstrous, a difference we like to think from when they're dry on land!   Casteel believes that when dogs are in the water “it presents them with an opportunity to explore their wild instincts, and then the best of their emotions shine through”, I think the images below certainly support Casteel’s theory.
Much of Casteel’s work is still above ground however he has already shot over 60 dogs underwater and his portfolio is certainly expanding. 

Should you be interested in a test shoot for your pooch, it costs a mere $895 for an hour.  I would imagine there is a lot of time required coaxing the pooch into the water!

To have a look at more of Casteel’s work, take a look at his website http://www.littlefriendsphoto.com/index2.php#!/home

Photos courtesy of Google Images and Little Friends Photo.com

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