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19 June 2012

Olympic torch reaches the home of SoVibrant!

At 2pm today the Olympic torch, which started on 19th May in Lands End, finally reached Harrogate!  The torch was serenaded by busses blaring with music and energetic street dancers ... not to mention a huge crowd which had to be in the region of 5,000 people!  The atmosphere was incredible, hundreds of tourists and local businesses lined the streets with flags, horns and streamers.  A sight that certainly isn’t an every day affair in North Yorkshire!

 Above photographs taken in Harrogate

The flame has been working its way around some of our local areas today such as Boston Spa, Harewood (to be greeted by Princess Beatrice) and to Ripon.  It will later make it’s way through to York where the flame will take a train ride! It is due to board the Scots Guardsman at the National Railway Museum in York at the end of the day, ready for the final leg of its journey through the county on Wednesday.

Above photograph taken in Boston Spa

Above photograph taken in Knaresborough

Above photograph taken in Harrogate

Although I only saw the flame for a few seconds, it was definitely worth being a part of a historic moment, not just nationally but worldwide. 

Above photograph taken in Harrogate

Olympic Torch 2012

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