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1 June 2012

Olympic Torch Relay

Good afternoon readers. The Olympics are nearly here in our great nation and I don't know about you, but I have found myself infatuated with the BBC's Torch cam. 

I find it amazing how the torch brings people together to cheer on some of Britain’s greatest heroes and athletes as they take the flame on tour to London. Over the years the torch has been to some memorable locations and has been carried by some of the world’s greatest individuals.

Let’s just have a look at the incredible journey the Olympic flame has taken:

Where the relay all began. Germany first came up with the runners of the Olympic torch for the Berlin games in 1936  

Italian captain carries the flame as it travels from Greece to London for the first Olympics since the start of the second world war

 Canadian speed skater Susan Auch races to light the cauldron and finish the Vancouver relay

The torch takes a dive across the Great Barrier Reef 

British mountaineer Sir Chris Bonington recently carries the 2012 flame to the summit of Snowdon

Probably the most incredible images of the Olympic torch are from the summit of Mount Everest as it passes from Nepal to Tibet for the 2008 Beijing games

And the most recent and memorable image of our 2012 games is of injured Afghanistan war veteran Ricky Furgusson who after losing both  legs, his left eye and a number of fingers off both hands, still managed do Britain proud by carrying the torch through his home town of Broseley.

Good Luck to all our athletes this summer

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