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9 March 2012

Royal Mail - Mount Pleasant gets the SoVibrant treatment...

We are delighted to announce the completion of Phase 1 of the refurbishment of Royal Mail's most iconic property; Mount Pleasant in Farringdon, London. As part of Royal Mail's implementation of their new modernisation programme "World Class Mail" SoVibrant won a competitive tender to produce one of the most visual aspects of the refurbishment - the internal branding and graphics throughout the building.

Working with a brand that has been part of  British culture since the 1600's was a fantastic experience and having the opportunity to use our SoVibrant flair to push the brand to a new fresh look within its real estate was an amazing opportunity and one we took great pleasure in delivering.

Our fantastic partner LTDLTD  handled print and installation and yet again helped us to make a fantastic building shine even brighter. Cheers Seymour and co! Another fab SoV / LTD hookup. 

Paul Steele, of the Operations team at Mount Pleasant provides the following quote which really sums up our involvement. 

"Royal Mail commissioned SoVibrant to develop the internal branding and graphics package for the restoration and refurbishment of their most iconic London property - Mount Pleasant. SoVibrant engaged in a consultation process with key stakeholders from Royal Mail to ensure that the aspirations of the Royal Mail team were understood and achieved. The scheme reflects the progressive attitude of Royal Mail and visually captures the important role we play in connecting the UK population.

The final installation was a complicated process requiring scaffolding and cherry pickers to install elements that were often over 5m high and located above head height.

The project has received extremely positive reviews from our staff and has really put the gloss on what is a fantastic modernisation and refurbishment of a true London icon.  

Throughout the design process, SoVibrant went beyond the call of duty to ensure we were happy with the final proposal. We found them a positive and proactive design partner. We would recommend them and will be working with them again."

Great project and has even been seen on the 6 o clock news on the BBC!

We are looking forward to more projects with Royal Mail in the future. They are a great client to work with and a lovely bunch of people.

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