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9 March 2012

King's Cross Station redevelopment

The £500m redevelopment of King's Cross Station is nearing completion in time for this summer’s London 2012 Olympics.

For so long the ugly sister of St Pancras Station next door, itself the beneficiary of a stunning major facelift in recent years, King's Cross Central is almost ready to unveil the scheme that will have restored the station to its Victorian splendour and equipped it as a major transport hub for the 21st century and beyond.

The following photographs focus on the new concourse to the west of the station, designed by John McAslan and Partners, but this is just one part of a massive redevelopment of the whole site.


Photos stolen borrowed from, amongst others, Hufton + Crow - achitectural photographers extraordinaire. Web site well worth a visit: http://www.huftonandcrow.com

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