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22 March 2012

A little closer to home...

Over the past few months SoVibrant has been working for CESBI Developments Ltd to bring a new identity to Hornbeam House of Hornbeam Business Park, Harrogate.  For SoVibrant, the project involved branding and identity, project management and delivery of the scheme.

Alan Kitching, Director of CESBI Developments who own the Innovation Centre said, “Hornbeam House was lacking its own identity and was generally unnoticed. SoVibrant has transformed the building delivering a fresh, energetic identity which really sets it apart. It shows the importance of our environment and how it can really impact on how we think, feel and work. The Innovation Centre needed to feel innovative and it does attract cutting edge, creative companies.

After we decided that our building needed to be adapted and rebranded to meet the current climate with regards to flexible office space requirements, we were delighted to be able to offer the project to one of our own tenants.  We are very impressed with the end result, which SoVibrant have has proactively delivered on time and on budget.”

Hornbeam House before graphic installation

Hornbeam House after paint work

Hornbeam House as The Innovation Centre

Hornbeam House as The Innovation Centre

We have also been involved, along with RCN Networks, in the design and build of The Innovation Centre’s (T.I.C) new website www.hornbeaminnovation.com which went live a few weeks ago.

External Graphic Design

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