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19 March 2012

Holy Moses

With most bridges designed to go over elements of the landscape, this interesting structure has chosen to go through the middle.

The West Brabant Water Line is a series of defensive fortresses, cities and waterways in Halsteren, the Netherlands.
After falling into disrepair it had been recently restored, but designers thought it would be inappropriate to go against the original design and build a bridge over the moat.

Instead the concept was to construct an 'invisible' bridge that sits within the moat and would allow people to cross virtually undetected from water level'.
The award-winning Moses Bridge - so named as it invokes the biblical image of Moses parting the Red Sea - is now a landmark feature of Fort de Roovere.

And to answer the inquisitive people out there, it's designed not to flood as water levels are controlled artificially in the Netherlands, and sum pumps have been installed to cope with any rain.
It's definitely a project that goes against convention.

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