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27 March 2012

Can Football Brands get any bigger.

The days of just buying the club shirt, a scarf and maybe a duvet cover with your favourite player on are definitely over.
Football Mega Brands are continuing to go global, in bigger and bolder ways, always trying to outdo each other to fund the super rich stars of today and tomorrow.

Real Madrid's latest venture is to build the 'Real Madrid Resort' a 1 billion dollar development in the United Arab Emirates that is due to open in January 2015.

More than half their estimated 300 million followers are based in Asia so this is definitely a strategic step that will strengthen their institution in the Middle East and Asia.

Real Madrid Resort Island will include exclusive villas, a 5-star hotel, an amusement park, a club museum and the world’s first stadium with one side open to the sea.

So now you can watch the game, buy the merchandise and go on holiday to the club's very own resort.
Mind you have Blackpool already beaten them to it ?

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