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11 January 2012

Iconic Album Covers

After a recent conversation about iTunes libraries and album covers at SoVibrant HQ I thought I would share a sample of some of the most iconic album covers of the 20th Century. With the emergence of iTunes and digital music the canvas size of album art has reduced dramatically from the days of the 12" vinyl L.P. A seemingly exponential increase in the quantity and availability of new music has led to a reduction in the attention span of the average listener to the album as a complete art form. Albums are now a much less tangible commodity than in the past and the days of studiously studying cover notes and lyrics are seemingly over. Apple has recently tried to buck this trend with the introduction of the iTunes L.P. but Peter Saville the designer behind some of the most iconic covers for New Order and Roxy Music declared in 2008 that 'the album cover is dead'. Please feel free to add any personal favourites to the list in the comments section below.

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