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5 January 2012

Through the lens... Infrared Hong Kong

Happy New Year to all our readers! We hope you all had a good holiday break and wish you all the best for a fanatastic 2012. Let's hope the Mayans just realised that they didnt yet need a calendar that went beyond 2012.  ; )

We are always interested in looking at the familiar in a different way and so were really excited to see this beautiful collection of photography by Hong Kong based designer & photographer Yiu Yu Hoi.

Using infrared post production techniques, the photos give an otherworldly ambience to one of the worlds most fast paced urban connurbations. We love how the world seems to slow down in the photos.

The images have become reminiscent of photography of Japan's Cherry blossom festivals another beautiful natural phenomenon. Well worth checking out if you aren't aware of it. 

For more of Yiu Yu Hoi's photography and design work, check out his FlickR page using the link below. Definitely one to keep your eye on.


Yiu Yu Ho's FlickR

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