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10 January 2012

SoVibrant exclusive! Interview with Tianyi Zhu

Hi everyone,

Being strict followers of SoVibrant Opinion8 you will recognise the name Tianyi Zhu, as we have featured her amazing 3D artwork a few times in past blogs.

Zhu has won several awards for her work including the 2007 Architectural 3D Awards (Best animation) and the 2005 Architectural Visualisation Competition (first place). Most recently Zhu was nominated for the 2011 CGarchitect Architectural Awards (Film category).
Recently we have been lucky enough to be given an exclusive interview with her. We had the opportunity to ask a few key questions and we hope that these help to inspire and motivate others to create some amazing artwork.

Below you will find the interview along with some of Zhu's artwork showcasing her talents.

SoVibrant : How did you get started and what inspired you to start out as a 3D artist/visualiser?

Zhu : I started training with traditional paints from the age of 12 and discovered a love and natural talent for it. Continuing this creativitiy on through to college, I majored in interior design which led on to learning 3D visualisation. I have a strong passion and love for painting and find that I am still a painter at heart, the only difference is that I now paint with 3D software as opposed to a brush.

SoVibrant : What is your favourite aspect of 3D visualisation? Modelling/lighting/texturing/directing etc?

Zhu : Lighting, I enjoy painting a beautiful 3D scene.

SoVibrant : Who is your biggest inspiration right now and why?

Zhu : There are a lot talented people that make great work, I can learn from them all, but the biggest inspiration should be the photograph.

SoVibrant : What is your favourite project/render/visual and why?

Zhu : "Art Museum" is my favourite project. In this animation I managed to create the mood and feeling that I really wanted to portray. At the same time, I managed to also put forward a great story, I hope I can improve on it next time!

SoVibrant : What do you love to do while not working? hobbies/interests etc?

Zhu : I love dancing as well as still having a strong passion for painting. Unfortnately I haven't had a chance to do much of these since I started 3D visualisaion. Of course I also love music, film and travel!

SoVibrant : Where would you dream to be in 10 years time?

Zhu : To be honest, I don't think about what will be in 10 years .I just focus on now and strive to be better and better each and every day.

Below you will find some more of Zhu's amazing visuals. You can also visit her website http://www.tianyizhucg.com/ to view more of her work and also her award winning animation "Art Museum".

We look forward to bringing you many more interviews with leading artists in the industry, in an effort to inspire and motivate everyone out there to create more brilliant artwork.

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