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14 September 2011

Welcome to SoVibrantAudio

As readers of our blog and those who know SoVibrant will testify, we are a very creative bunch and always looking for new ways to showcase the broad range of creative range of skills our team has. We have a number of big music lovers in our team and have decided to create a new strand to SoVibrant to incorporate our love of music production and music generally.

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our music production arm, SoVibrantAudio in tandem with our first tune - ColdRush. ColdRush is a DnB track, however SoVibrantAudio will be releasing much more than DnB.

We will be using SoVibrantAudio as the name for everything we do relating to music and are very excited about getting our sounds out into the big wide world.

We will be adding new music, free downloads and showcasing up and coming artists as well as sharing music we are loving with you all.

Please feel free to check out our YouTube channel:


Listen to our first track "ColdRush"


Follow us and like our facebook page


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