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1 September 2011

"Evos-lution In The Cloud"

Due to be officially released at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt at the end of September, Ford has tempted us with a taster of its revolutionary concept car the Evos. You can plug it in and it can communicate with the cloud!

The Evos sports Ford’s "state-of-the-art lithium-ion plug-in hybrid powertrain," that splices with a new technology called "powersplit" to let the gas engine and electric motor work in tandem to maximise efficiency. The car can link to the cloud to help the proliferation of fuel efficiency, analysing data such as past driver behavior, weather conditions or travel patterns to ascertain the maximum proficiency permutation of the powertrain.

The cloud is not just about saving fuel, as the Evos is also able to manage your time. By evaluating your work commitments or the weather, the car can modify the driving experience. If you leave for work at 7:30 for example the car can pre-heat the engine and/or you can listen to the radio station you were enjoying in the house.

"This cloud-connected vision shows the enormous potential of tailoring the driving experience to suit the exact personal tastes and moods of the driver," said Paul Mascarenas, Ford's chief technical officer and vice president of research and innovation.

Further driver-centric attributes include powertrain, steering, suspension, and braking systems that can spontaneously accommodate the driver; air quality sensors to help allergy sufferers; and the aptitude to automatically set your smartphone to a "Do Not Disturb" mode so that you can concentrate on driving.

But don’t get too excited and rush off to your local Ford Dealership anytime soon.

"While you will never see this car on the road," explained Derrick Kuzak, Group Vice President of Global Product Development, "the next generation of Ford products around the world will display many of the distinctive design ideas and advanced technologies it showcases."


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