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26 August 2011

King's Cross Station

With a deadline of the London Olympics in 2012 , King's Cross Station is well underway, with its spectacular roof structure taking shape.
The finished Western Concourse will be Europe’s largest single span station structure, and provide London with a new grand meeting place.

It reminds me of Grand Central Station in New York, mentioned in a previous blog, that has the same grandeur and sense of theatre.

The existing train sheds and connecting buildings will be totally refurbished and the station’s Grade I listed facade has been beautifully restored.
Not many people knew the facade existed, as it's been hidden behind the familiar yet ugly canopy built in 1972.

When the works to the station are complete, it should open to the public in March 2012. 
The transformed station and it's new Concourse will add to the list of beautifully designed transport interchanges, that have significant architectural status.

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