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17 August 2011

FC Barcelona Museum

Upon returning to SoVibrant Towers after a weeklong trip to Barcelona I thought I would share one of the highlights of my trip. I managed to visit most but not all of the architectural sites that Paul Brook published in his recent blog, but as a big football fan the highlight for me was the recently redeveloped FC Barcelona Museum.

The museum forms part of the Nou Camp experience and stadium tour, and is part trophy room, historical tour, and multimedia interactive space. Backlit trophy cabinets display the plethora of competitions won by Barcelona teams old and new, while full height interactive touch screen panels provide access to a mine of information on political history, club legends, and great great goals.

I have to admit I was taken aback by the stunning design, immersive interactive experience, and use of cutting edge technology throughout the museum and would highly reccomend it to anyone visiting Barcelona, it is definitely worth the admission fee! For those unable to visit in the near future I have posted some of the highlights below.

The redevelopment of the museum was completed mid 2010 and was designed by Barcelona design consultancy - Exit Design

The New FC Barcelona Museum from Exit Design on Vimeo.

More info on some of the other architectural gems that Barcelona has to offer are to follow shortly.


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