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1 August 2011

The United States of Apple

A breathtaking statistic announced over the weekend has really caught our attention.

For the first time in its history, Apple has now officially got more cash to spend than the United States of America in its entirety.

Apples most recent financial results put its current cash reserves at around $76.4bn. Currently the US has operating capital of $73.6bn.

The obvious difference between the two organisations is the trend they are both experiencing. Apple are clearly making money hand over fist whereas the US are on the verge of some major financial difficulties. The weekends news on a potential solution to the requirement to raise the debt ceiling for the US should eleviate some of these issues for the time being, but clearly unsustainable growth in debt suggests the future may not be so rosy.

Perhaps a Manchester City / Etihad deal should be discussed. The United States of Apple and a new flag featuring stars and apples in return for a $50bn cash injection might be just  what the doctor ordered.

Either that or An O-Pad, endorsed by Barack himself.

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