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19 May 2010

A Jewellery Casket.

After my blog last week on the Chinese store for Romanticism, I’ve taken more of an interest into Interior Spaces which appear to form “new skin”. My second discovery comes from this spectacular Jewellery store in Tashkent (Republic of Uzbekistan).

The interior space appears to have become a giant ornate jewellery box to showcase its products. The dark walls are completely overlaid with laser-cut decorative ornamentation, made from highly polished stainless steel panels. The effect created is that of a second skin that develops unexpected depths of light. The length of the room is optically elongated by means of ornamental, tinted mirrors on the end walls with a dynamic lighting element crossing the ceiling. Only a few selected openings such as windows and display cases break the boundaries of “the shimmering casket”. Precisely illuminated jewellery display cases, in part equipped with monitors, offer the ideal stage on which to present precious collections of jewels.

Interior Design

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