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6 May 2010

Happy Birthday SoVibrant!!

Today at SoVibrant we are delighted to be celebrating our first birthday!!

We have had an exciting and successful first year and have really bucked the trend of the recession, increasing our staff by 50% and winning projects all over the UK  for a huge range of clients across a huge variety of sectors.

It has been brilliant for us, in our first year,  to be able to give jobs to people when many businesses are losing workforce and we very are proud of our tight-knit and highly talented design team.

With exciting and high profile jobs completing in the next few months such as the new Visitor Centre for the City of York and many other exciting jobs on the boards, the future definitely looks bright.

Thank you to everyone out there who has supported us in year one. You know who you are!  We have big plans for year two including overseas development, new faces, a new website, new business units and we are looking forward to continuing to blaze our trail through the interiors industry and beyond.

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