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14 August 2013

Wreck it Ralph

Good afternoon readers

Today we are discussing the  ending to an incredibly well designed and well thought out movie from Disney – Wreck-it Ralph. If you haven't already seen it, don't worry, we won't spoil it for you so read on without fear! We will however tell you that this is a must see movie, especially if you are an old school gaming fan.

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In Wreck-it Ralph, Disney literally bring the world of gaming to life, showing us what happens after the game over screen and when you aren’t playing. Power leads are the train lines that lead to a secret world based beyond your plug socket. The amazing world of Wreck-it Ralph is populated by characters from all of your favourite platforms, titles and genres, old and new, creating a wonderfully nostalgic experience for gamers and an exciting new family of heroes and villains for younger viewers.  

But enough about the movie, what we want to talk about is the end credits. These days the design of opening and closing credits is a big deal. Opening credits are the first opportunity for a film to set the mood and capture the audiences attention, luring them in whilst well executed end credits can leave them wanting more and in this day and age, screaming for a sequel. 

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As with anything where design is involved there are credits that do it better than others. James Bond movies use amazing motion graphics running alongside now classic, epic bond theme tunes. In the insanely funny film The Hangover, (shame about the sequels),  the cast spend the entire movie not remembering their epic night out until the movie ends when they find a camera.  The photos from the camera are presented alongside the credits like a scrap-book, making you leave the cinema in stitches and helping you to leave feeling good about the film you have just watched. 

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A shining example, Wreck-it Ralph has closing credits that are some  of the best I have seen. They mix some of the most memorable scenes, characters, environments and fonts from your favourite childhood games making the credits as memorable and enjoyable as the movie itself. It is well worth a few minutes of your time to check them out - take a look by clicking  HERE 

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