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29 August 2013

I'm always up for a hint of Pantone!

Good evening all,

I was recently looking for a short break away and happened to stumble accross an extremely unique hotel which made my decision for both location and accommodation ... The Pantone Hotel, Brussels (Designed by Belgian interior designer Michel Penneman and Belgian architect Olivier Hannaert, complete May 2010).

So let’s start with a little bit of history.  Pantone is known worldwide for the colour matching system invented by its founder Lawrence Herbert in 1963. Having expanded the system from its roots in graphic design to other “colour critical” industries including digital technology, fashion, home, plastics, architecture and contract interiors, more recently the brand has extended into a Pantone ‘universe’ of products incorporating everything from mugs to stationery.  Such items aren’t seen at SOV HQ yet but maybe after my October visit I could start the trend!

Like most, but in particular being a designer, we all like to stay in “good looking” accommodation particularly on our holiday.  The main reception invites guests with eye catching rotating wall imagery, multi coloured bike displays (of course, what else in a hotel reception) and an eclectic mix of low level waiting room furniture.  Not something I would usually specify but in this space, it looks right at home.

This 59 bedroomed hotel offers unique design and brand experience to each floor with a specific Pantone colour allocated to each room.  Within each of the rooms there is the story displayed of the photography and photographer (Victor Levy) for the imagery used.  Pantone colour value canvas’ can also be found along with reiterative Pantone elements such as hanging mugs and Pantone inspired lamps!  Each of the hotel’s seven floors are enlightened by different colour palettes to complement guests’ emotions with distinctive hues.  Pretty quirky eh?  The hotel aims to educate its guest on how colour can be used to express certain feeling and emotions and I for one can’t wait to see their rationale and understanding into how the designers came to their conclusions.

I’ll let you know what it’s like in a few months time but for now, explore for yourself at http://www.pantonehotel.com/ or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdwpvzsqPcA http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LalUAxm_jA


Brand and Experience
Images courtesy of Google Images, Design Milk and Sleeper Magazine

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