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25 November 2011

Rags to Riches : Call Of Duty

Good afternoon Bloggers.

As we all know from the continuous bombardment of news articles and TV coverage, times are hard out there at the moment, companies are having to let go of staff and people are finding it extremely hard to find work. We are living in a time when countries and governments are going into debt and the world is commonly perceived as being in turmoil.

But one company seems to have come from nowhere and created one of the biggest and most well known franchises in the world.... The recession proof - Call Of Duty

8 Years ago games were designed to give players a past-time in which the aim was to finish first, or survive. They were basic stories in which you could pick up, play and give-up whenever you felt like it.

Then came Call of Duty
Infinity Ward, Call Of Duty's producers was built up from a team of ex-EA staff that had an idea for a new way of producing a first person shooter. EA on the other hand didn't like the idea

The group of developers created Infinity Ward. They threw away the book when it came to gaming and brought the cinematic feel to the player and created an emotional bond with the character you play and develop
Currently there are some 17 Million People are online playing at any one time around the world.
Recent figures show that the series Call Of Duty is more successful than some major recording artists and blockbuster films. It has made waves in the gaming industry almost bankrupting rival gaming studios and with social Networking taking a big part of people lives, we see Call Of Duty has ruined numerous relationships and marriages. Which has paved the way for adverts like this

So how can all this come from just a game?...and how has a company, who came from knowhere created one of the greatest and most profitable pieces of entertainment of all time?.

Just watch the History of Infinity Ward and Call Of Duty on the link Below and See for yourself how Infinity Ward changed the gaming world for ever.

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