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30 November 2011

Artist of the Week: Daniel Simon

Daniel Simon is definitely one of the concept artists of the future. Whereas many concept artists have stayed with two dimensional work, Daniel takes a lot of his designs from the drawing board and into 3D, making sure the design works from every angle.

With such an extraordinary imagination conjuring up such fantastic ideas of what the future might look like it's no wonder Daniel was the lead concept artist for Tron Legacy.

Check out the latest concept art from Daniel Simons portfolio here

 Light Jet Concept, Tron Legacy
Light Cycle Concept, Tron Legacy
Jeff Bridges, Olivia Wilde, Joe Kosinski (director), Sean Bailey
(Head of Production, Disney) and Daniel Simon. UK premiere
Tron Legacy 2010, London. © John Furniss
Light Runner Concept, Tron Legacy

Concept Bike from Cosmic Motors 
Concept Bike from Cosmic Motors 

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