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5 November 2010

Atomic Spa

This is an interactive and unusual spa where its interior features are like nothing else.

The space is made up of a reception area, many dreamlike passages, men and women’s changing rooms, treatment cabins, sauna, Turkish bath, showers, ice maker, relax area and a large swimming pool sporting multiple water effects and hydro massage jets. All the mentioned features aim at accompanying the visitor on a dreamlike adventure by lulling and involving them throughout the whole experience. This space has its own personal identity independently of the hotel it is linked to. The reception desk which is perfectly white and shiny gives a warm welcome with the multicolour backlighting and as the visitor approaches a dreamlike “Alice in Wonderland” adventure, they then progress into the main spa experience – a “new world” zone. This amazing (yet confusing and disorientating) trip incorporates luminous floating windows, bright bands of colour and hidden subliminal messages whilst also keeping with some conventional ideas of spas such as vast calm spaces and luxurious pools.

This spa is a bespoke and unique adventure into (and for) body revitalisation and wellbeing with a slightly unconventional twist!

“A work capable of touching emotions and involving people, of overwhelming consciousness, of stimulating mind and body perceptions, that is how the idea of Milan Exedra came along. The architectural interior Aria I composed for Angelo and his enlightened family aims at bringing the visitor in an almost subliminal way to another dimension which is surreal, metaphysical, unlikely and capable of converting experience into active memory. All the ingredients contained in this signs ensemble such as light, materials and colours make it a destabilising symbol which underlines the new relationship among man and space, man and time, and man and present-future.” – Simone Micheli

Interior Design

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