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16 November 2010

Power for the ladies

The SongMax clothing store in Bejing, China has finally been completed. The designers wanted this division of space to suggest a walk-in cupboard, catwalk and stage. This project is a show room and prototype store for a new women’s clothing brand.

The floor inside was lifted to represent a stage. The “L-Container” introduces a contoured alleyway to resemble the sensation of a private walk-in-closet at home, which is a real stage! A convertible dressing room at the end is to place real women at the centre of the deepened “display window” which projects directly towards the entryway and traverses through the whole store.

The design goal was to respond to the client’s desire to serve the stylish, confident and still feminine career women and with the angular powerful shapes and feminine “walk in closest and catwalk” features, I think this project has been highly successful – just a shame about the lack of clothes!

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