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29 September 2010

I want that.... "Toshiba Libretto W100"

We are loving the design of the new Toshiba Libretto W100.

After having an I Pad in the office for testing recently and liking it but not being particularly impressed, we have come across this lovely new design from Toshiba. The Toshiba design has some really cool features which make it a rather desirable piece of hardware..

1. Dual touch screen - This is a fantastic feature - one screen can be a QWERTY keyboard and the other a normal display. Alternatively use as a dual screen  notebook or as a book with two visible pages (Like a REAL book!)Watch a movie and surf the web at the same time, compose a document and search for images without changing screens.The list of reasons why this is better than an I Pad is ridiculous. As soon as this is 1080p HD it will be a real force to be reckoned with.

2. Fold away screens. - This is about longevity and aesthetics. The Toshiba doesnt need a case that could detract from its looks to protect its delicate screens.

3. Shareware - Commonly recognised ss one of Apples huge failings. You dont have to buy everything for your device from Apple, your music doesnt have to be solely purchased through Itunes. You dont need to jailbreak your kit and invalidate warranties to use the software you want.

4. The design - whilst we agree I Pad does look cool the Toshiba is like a DS on steroids as far as looks goes. It is slick, well put together and is certainly no worse to look at. We really like it.

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