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6 September 2010

An Armani Addition!

In keeping with the theme of a few of my past blogs I thought it would be nice to add to the Armani collection!

This Armani store sets a dominating presence in the heart of Tokyo’s Ginza shopping district. As in all of Armani’s buildings, it is essential that the store not only looks great and reflects the brand, but also captures the creative aspect of Armani himself. Not just a shopping tower, Armani goes to town by inhabiting a spa, restaurant, press offices and corporate space!

The expensive building of £20million stands proud in the famous Ginza Tower with a stunning facade of milk white plexi glass reflecting the surrounding Ginza Skyline.  Leaf like lights float down the facade changing in intensity and colour dependant on the time of year ... True Armani class!

To find out more about the store’s design and to explore more floors, visit http://www.armaniginzatower.com/armani_ginza_docs/en/index.html  

Interior Design / Architecture

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