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13 September 2010

Artist of the Week #24 Daniel Simon

Daniel Simon is one of this generations best digital artists. Growing up in Germany in the 70's, Daniel had a hard time with a country divided. His family worked hard for hardly anything in the ship building industry in a small town east of the Berlin wall. Daniel grew up with a passion for sketching and painting but was told by everyone that is wasn't a possibility with the country as it was.

At the age of 14 the Berlin wall came down and Daniel finally had the world at his finger tips. Threw years and years of hard work in a world that he had little knowledge about. Daniel found his way to university in Barcelona were he was taught by the legendary Italian designer Walter De'Silva.

Since then Daniel has worked for some of the top car design studios in the world. but that wasn't enough. Daniel turned his sites to the film industry. He wanted to design concept vehicles for the silver screen. Unlike other designers, he didn't go looking for work. He created one of the best concept design portfolios in our generation which led the films studios to come looking for him.

Click the link to View Daniel Simons  [ COSMIC MOTORS ]

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