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9 July 2010

Artist of the Week #18 Vitaly Bulgarov

Vitaly is one of our first 3D digital artists to appear on our artist of the week Blogs. As a young guy from Romania his creative mind was always interested in film, fantasy and sci-fi, were he used these skills to become a freelance artist.

He now works all over the world from the US to Europe as a 3D Character artist using such software as Z-Brush, a 3D sculpturing and painting package

To view more of Vitaly visit his personal site:  www.bulgarov.com/

Pixologic's Z-Brush unlike most 3D packages uses their own technology known as pixols. Whereas the pixels on your computer screen are tiny squares of colour that define and image, Pixols are tiny squares of light, shadow and colour. This ables you to model and sculpture on a fully rendered 3D object.

To Find out more information about Z-Brush visit:  www.pixologic.com

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