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15 July 2010

The Abu Dhabi Louvre

Due to my excitement for a trip to Paris this weekend, I thought I would blog a project with some relevance.

Although based in Abu Dhabi, the French architect Jean Novel has designed the Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum to showcase artwork from around the world. The construction is to be ongoing until 2012/13 and will amount to a massive 24,000 sqm complex of pavilions, plazas, alleyways and canals to create an illusion of a city floating on the sea. Its web patterned dome allows the sun light to filter through the building, almost forcing the building to become a piece of art itself, an idea stemming from sunlight passing through a date palm in an oasis.

Not only is the project estimated a huge 83million to 108million Euros, the use of the name ‘Louvre’ (for thirty years) is costing a massive 520million Euros!

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