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2 July 2013

Through the eyes of Iron Man 3

Hi everyone,

Today I just wanted to post something I read on CGSociety.org about how the heads-up displays (HUDS) were created for Iron Man 3.

Image courtesy of Google Images

Please find a link to the article below where it goes into detail on how these effects were created. The main hurdle which they managed to overcome was the combination of the different software which was used. 

Image courtesy of CGSociety.org

In this instance the artists used Cinema4D as well as Adobe After Effects. Technically getting these two great pieces of software to line up and work together isn't an easy task. Not only did the studio have to create and render out all of the 3D elements for the scenes, they also had to match them up against what the After Effects teams were creating using the live action video footage. It is this seamless integration which helps to really bring the HUDS alive in the movie. 

Image courtesy of CGSociety.org

Please see the link below for the detailed breakdown and related links to the studios that were involved.

Click here for the Iron Man 3 HUDS feature

Happy reading

Head of Media productions

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