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21 March 2013

Trinity is HERE!

It’s finally here!

Today in Leeds we see Europe’s biggest city centre shopping mall, Trinity Leeds (Developed by Land Securities), open it’s doors to the public and I for one am very very excited!

The £350m centre will house 120 retail outlets and restaurants covering 1,000,000 sq ft (92,900 sq m) and will offer a unique shopping experience like no other in the region and like no other I have seen in the UK. The video walls you see on your visit to Trinity offer tailored messages via gesture-recognition and touch-sensitivity, a first in a UK shopping centre I believe. This is exactly the type of experiential innovation that is required by retail destinations and, in my opinion, creates a successful brand experience.

Not only will Trinity offer a fantastic shopping experience all under one roof, Land Securities told me there will be little bits of “something special” to look out for around the centre, contributing further to the unique shopping experience – and we haven’t even talked “shop” yet!  Trinity goes the extra mile, housing shops and restaurants which we haven’t been lucky enough to see in the north. On your visit you will find Victoria Secret, Hollister, Apple - one we have certainly wanted in the Leeds area - the UK’s largest Superdry store!

But, although it’s exciting from a shopper’s perspective, the other thing today’s opening has done is put the spotlight firmly on the north - and Leeds in particular.  For once, it’s positive!

We have lived through so much gloom of late – and not just with the weather, but the opening of Trinity Leeds is an opportunity to experience something “SO vibrant”, exciting and inspiring again – and wouldn’t it be great if, as well as putting Leeds on the shopping map, it was the catalyst for some positive energy and belief across the region?

It’s true that Land Securities may have taken a risk to be the only ones opening a new retail centre this year – but, rather than being conservative, they’ve thought big and bold and they deserve credit for that!  Good work guys!

Today, and indeed for the foreseeable future, Leeds can certainly claim to have the newest shopping centre in the UK and can compete on level terms with the likes of Meadowhall in Sheffield, The Trafford Centre in Manchester or the Metro Centre in Gateshead.

But, just like our work at SoVibrant, Trinity Leeds is all about the experience - or, in their own words, the “wonder” – and, in my own opinion, the new centre isn’t just on a par with others in the region; it’s set the new standard.

Like I said, I’m very excited – and, after your first visit, I hope you are too.



Images courtesy of Google images, Victoria Stares, Trinity Leeds Facebook Page

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