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6 March 2013

Brazil 2014 & Rio 2016 - Sporting Codes !

Well two months in and I’m afraid to say 2013 isn’t a patch on the momentous year that was 2012; as expected I suppose. With only a 2013 Rugby League World Cup in England to look forward to, for all those hardcore fans of the 13 man code. Just to try and cheer everyone up from a sporting point of view I thought I would try and put a bit of Salsa in your future and remind everyone that we have a Brazilian double coming up - the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

In preparation for these great two years in their sporting history, as well as building some striking new stadiums, the Brazilians are adding something a little extra in a very subtle way. They would like the millions of tourists visiting their shores to learn more about the cities and positive traits, using the modern technology of QR Codes and smart phones, with traditional building methods of black and white mosaic pavements.

Rio de Janeiro began installing a series of QR code patterns onto its pavements on Friday 25 January, starting at Arpoador by Ipanema Beach. In scanning the pavement QR code, the user will be diverted to a tourist information website which lists details about the area where they are standing, including a Google Map so they can find their way about. It’s definitely a great concept for modern day signage that has no language barriers and still manages to maintain its strong cultural roots. So no need for any large notice boards to spoil the view - simple yet brilliant!

World Cup 2014 - Olympics 2016 - Design - Architecture - QR Codes


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