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26 March 2013

Monaco's most expensive apartment...

Sky news have published some CGIs of the proposed penthouse at the Odeon Tower, currently under construction in Monaco. Whilst not to everyone's taste, you have to admit the view will be pretty exclusive.

Perched at 170m tall, the penthouse itself is a whopping 35,500 sq ft (the size of an office block), spread over five floors with a rooftop swimming pool and water slide. Let's hope it's not too windy up there. The project has been criticised for spoiling the views of its neighbours and for the shadows it casts, leading to it being dubbed the 'Odious Tower'.

The price for the penthouse at the Alexandre Giraldi designed tower is estimated to be around $250m. Which is about the same as the biggest 'boats' in the harbour.

I will certainly be making an offer, once I can get my hands on the monies I have stashed in Cyprus. Seems to be a problem with my cashcard, which is odd.

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