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20 February 2013

3Doodler: The World's First 3D Printing Pen

Hi everyone,

As the title suggests, this post is based on the worlds first 3D doodling pen. When I saw this pen in action I was amazed at how fun something like this would actually be to use. Basically, it allows you to sketch anything you want, in three dimensions. It uses ABS plastic such as is used by modern 3D printers, which quickly hardens to maintain any shapes you can create or imagine.

Images courtesy of cgarchitect.com

My first opinion of the 3Doodler was that it would just be a gimmick or a bit of fun to use, but I may be wrong. After further thought, the pen could come in very handy when quickly trying to describe something in three dimensions without the prior knowledge of 3D modelling packages such as 3DS Max or Lightwave etc.  As well as these skills, you don't need the software or hardware normally associated with the 3D sketching that we are all familiar with.

Images courtesy of cgarchitect.com

The 3Doodler project is currently on Kickstarter with a $450,000 backing so far. If you like the product and want to help it's development, get involved and back it!

Images courtesy of cgarchitect.com

Below is a link to the 3Doodler page on CGarchitect as well as a direct link to the video which shows it working.

Click here to visit the 3Doodler page on cgarchitect.com
Click here to watch the 3Doodler intro video on Youtube

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