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6 February 2013

Instagram gets BIGGER!

Over the past year we have been seeing and hearing more and more about Facebook’s  photo sharing service, “Instagram”.  For those of you that are still slightly alien to service, the photo sharing service allows users to create a profile and share photos with other online users.  It allows you to follow other people’s work, like and comment on imagery and also allows us to enhance and change images through a range of preset filters.
2012 saw Facebook buy Instagram for $1bn (£616m; 758m euros) in April 2012. However, in December  things looked uncertain for the online photo sharing service.  New “T’s and C’s” stated that Instagram would have the rights to all imagery that we, the general public, uploaded to our own personal profiles and could sell them for a profit.  I’m sure we all remember Instagram hitting the headlines with this story, with users concerned of their entitlements and uproar in an online company profiting from our own imagery, but to be honest I wouldn't blame them for trying ... if it had been true.  Although the new terms and conditions were mis-interpreted by the majority of Instagram’s users, it is evident to see why anyone would want to share and sell some images.  I have been mesmorised by some of the photography and skill that is appearing on Instagram. Some of the imagery is so stunning and unique that to have it on a canvas or acrylic in your own home would be just the right touch.
I thought I would share some of my favourite “Instagram findings”.




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Images courtesy of my Instagram followers and Google:

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