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29 June 2011

Very Excited About: Google +

After seriously dropping the ball on Wave and Buzz, Google finally seem to have come up with the semblance of some really strong, quality ideas for an opponent to the social media mainstay - Facebook.

Google + contains some really neat ideas which we are pretty excited about testing out. Lets be honest Google needs them if they are to steal any of facebook's enormous  market share. Having given this some thought we have come to the conclusion that yes, unarguably facebook does have a huge market share, but actually people have shown through their migrations to firstly MySpace and then Facebook that if the alternative is strong and offers more scope to personalise, create and share, people aren't afraid to exercise their ability to relocate.

Some of the innovation within + on face value looks very interesting.  

Huddle - multi-person IM conversations in private groups. Need to pick a movie to watch tonight with your mates, you can all have a quick chat about it, fall out, then meet up.

Circles - friend groups - so you can keep posts relevant, target what you share to people who will care and keep conversations and pictures limited to those in the know (your boss wont be able to see your glastonbury photos etc) 

Hangouts - group video chat where you can all watch streamed content and chat via video messaging. Set up your hangout and wait for your mates.

In conclusion, we are really looking forward to seeing whether this is another great pretender or a serious challenger to Mark Zuckerberg and co.

By the way Google, we do branding... ; )

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