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21 June 2011

Thundercats re-make 2011!!

Hi everyone,

Being a massive fan of 80's cartoon shows I just wanted to see what everyone thinks of Cartoon Network remaking the classic show Thundercats.

I just wanted to get some opinions and see what everyone thinks. I have included a link to the trailer below and I am probably not alone in saying that is has VERY big boots to fill! Thundercats is one of the most amazing TV series of all time and taking a modern twist on such an iconic show could be a very risky move by Cartoon Network.

I think I will definitely reserve my opinions until I have actually seen a few episodes. Saying that, I am very much looking forward to seeing what they have done with it and how well they have managed to retain what made the Thundercats such an amazing series in the first place.

Thundercats 2011 Trailer

3D Visualisation

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