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18 April 2011

Raiffeisen Bank, Zurich - Banking in the future...

 Bucking the trend in banking  Raiffeisen bank in Zurich has recently completed  its new offices, by consultancy NAU. A svelte, modern and overtly minimalist aesthetic, you could be forgiven for wondering where the cash machines are as you are blinded by the table top touchscreens, sinous sculpted forms and deocrative graphical portraiture.

Retail banking is a sector plagued with mediocre design solutions as anyone who has wandered down their local high street can tell you. The mismatch of influences usually thrown together in attempt to create exciting customer journeys can end up feeling like walking through a scrapyard of broken automotive classics. At their peak - amazing, in the context found, it can feel slightly sad.    Although potentially a scheme that might looked cluttered by the addition of people,  it is refreshing to see such a bold concept realised and to see emphasis attempted to be put back on the customer through forward looking, intelligent design.

Very pleasing on the eye..

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