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20 April 2011

What is Workplace Strategy?

Our consulting services focus on the development of strategic platforms and processes, enabling clients to make highly informed real estate decisions, reduce costs, create value and improve performance. Our goal is to ensure that real estate strategies are fully aligned with an organisation's overall objectives.

The aim of any strategic workplace analysis is to gain an unbiased understanding of your business  or organisation from the inside out, through extensive research and investigation, evaluate strategic end user requirements, ascertain feasibility and make recommendations. There are many features within a workplace analysis but these can also be geared towards a specific strategic brief, and will vary from client to client.


• Pre and post occupancy surveys
 Interviews, audits and observation
• Space utilisation studies
• Space / building performance studies


• Real estate assessment
• Benchmarking
• Spatial modelling
• Planning
• Building surveys
• Building appraisals
• Design development and guidelines
• Change management and communication strategies  

Workplace Consultancy

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