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20 December 2010

SoVibrant is shortlisted!

Mixology North 2010 came back to Manchester again this year but this time with exciting news for SoVibrant. SOV was shortlisted for Design Practice of the Year 2010 which in our first 19months of trading is already a massive achievement for us. Unfortunately the award went to a larger and longer trading Interiors company in the North however for SOV this was seen not as a defeat, but the start to more of the public seeing an insight into our work and capabilities.

Look out for our Blog on 2010’s top 10 for SOV!

Below shows part of our entry for Design Practice of the Year 2010. Several images taking a very small snapshot of the “WOW!” factor.

Interior Design, Graphics, Bespoke artwork, Re-branding,
3D Visualisation

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